I work with clients of all types and sometimes those clients are corporations or businesses. These corporate clients can be small or large in size, profit or non-profit, and established or just starting up. These are all of the projects that I have worked on with business or corporate clients. If you are a business interested in my freelance design work or a local Georgia business looking to hire me for a creative position, please see the contact page for more information on how to get in touch with me. © Stefanie Reaves | Little Marshmallow Press, LLC | 2012

Custom T-Shirt Design for MEAG Power

I was approached by a non-profit electric municipality  to design their T-shirt for their annual Run/Walk Fitness Program, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. The T-shirt was selected as the winning design and produced for the event. The small logo you see inside of the lightbulb, between the little filament wires is the company logo for MEAG Power. I chose to play with the fact that they are a electric municipality. I hand-illustrated the lightbulb and used their logo as a source for both light and power.

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