what I am currently up to.

I currently work full-time with a local Jewelry designer, who specializes in open, memory wire designs, accented by beautiful, Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals. My responsibilities include photographing all of the jewelry, creating promotional materials, such as our seasonal catalog and mailing flyers, as well as performing general design tasks. I will soon be creating new business cards and letterhead stationery for the owner.

I also like to take on small personal projects as a designer, to help me exercise my creative muscles, if you will. I am still in the planning stages for this project,  but it does have a name, the Illustrative Days of a Mrs. It is going to be a year long project in which I devote whatever little bit of time I can find in my busy schedule, each day, to exercising my creative abilities. I’m purposefully choosing not to define what these little, daily exercises will be, in order to sustain the river of creativity that is constantly flowing through my brain. Sometimes when you pressure your freeform creativity, it shrivels up and refuses to come out. Therefore, the object of this project is simple.  Be creative every day and learn to share it with others. I’m hoping, on some small level, that this project will empower other artists who strive to be creative each day, but give up because of self-doubt or frustration.

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